Our story

Yasam Food is founded in 2020 and is producer of several species of Manti, Icli and Sulu Köfte. Besides, the company offers other Turkish Delicates.

Our company was created by a common love for both Turkish delicates and undertaking. Yasam Food is a family business founded by Father Hikmet Ercoel and his two sons Mehmet Kaan and Dinçer. Our favourite ingredients and delicious food, combined with a manti machine provided 2020 for a kickstart of our company.

Immediately fresh frozen

Can be found in 50+ supermarkets

Convenience, without compromising on taste

Our values


Our mission

In the last three years, we've developed our company as a producer and acquire of Premium Quality Turkish Delicates.

Our products are sold through all possible channels. You can order Yasam products through our webshop, buy in a lot of Turkish supermarkets and eat in a lot of Restaurant. As a retailer, you can buy our products through our great deals or directly through us, ask for the possibilities!